Initial reaction: “LARP and the Real Girl”

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I think we all needed the laughter this episode provided.  Thanks, Robbie Thompson!  

While I WISH we’d had more of a mention of Cas in this episode, we did get an interesting interspecies same-sex pairing to mull over.  IF you want to look at the Gilda/Charlie romance as a Dean/Cas parallel you’ve got:
  • a human who meets a supernatural creature and is at first terrified
  • tries to kill said supernatural creature
  • supernatural creature begins to sympathize with human’s plight
  • supernatural creature ordered to hurt humans
  • supernatural creature ordered to wipe minds
  • supernatural creature defies orders to save human
  • human frees supernatural creature from bondage 
  • and then supernatural creature returns to its home

So while it’s super awesome that

  1. the supernatural creature LIVED 
  2. the human lover LIVED (and honestly? is this the first time a supernatural/human pairing has EVER survived a MOTW episode?)

the end of the episode might imply that while both human and supernatural creature can live - they just can’t live together.

It’s definitely a different sort of ending to the human/supernatural creature pairings that the kind we’ve been seeing all along in Supernatural.

While Gilda might have formed feelings for Charlie, she definitely could live without Charlie, because her instinct was to return to her home, to bring Jerry her former master to trial.  

It’s a bit more open-ended of a scenario than, say, what happened to Brick and Betsey in 8x03.  Charlie doesn’t know if she’ll ever see Gilda again.  But she doesn’t try to stop Gilda from leaving, either.

It’s interesting, isn’t it, that Dean’s speech was from Braveheart?  Encouraging the LARPers to fight for freedom?  It’s the Team Free Will motto, isn’t it - freedom over everything.  Over peace, over happiness, over fun.  And maybe how if you love something, you sometimes have to just let it go.

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