Probably my favorite part of Buffy has been the evolving relationship between Giles and Buffy.

I have a decided leaning towards the idea that family doesn’t always begin and end with blood.  It’s part of the reason I love Supernatural as much as I do.  Watching Sam and Dean’s family grow from Sam-‘n-Dean to Team Free Will, watching Bobby care for and look after them (and Cas) the way only a real parent does - it’s what I’ve started to see with Giles and Buffy and I love it.  Watching Buffy ignore her newly-assigned Watcher in order to go sit next to Giles and talk to him, even though only a few episodes ago she was furious with Giles for keeping the truth from her, oh gosh, it just made me melt.  Maybe I’m really a Hufflepuff at heart; loyalty always makes me melt in a ways that no other trait can. And I think I’ve fallen in love with snark-ridden, lost-all-hope Giles - “You’re not helping;” “No, I feel just sick about it.”

Faith recently showed up in all her glory, and she’s gotta be my favorite thing about Buffy these days.  She’s the darker shadow of Buffy, which is another trope I’m wildly fond of, and she’s this feral creature who lives out a motel and takes orders from no one and she’s this same creature who shows up for Christmas dinner with last-minute gifts because even tough-girl Faith gets lonely.  Faith, for all that she walks like Kipling’s cat, wants to be part of something too - even though she’ll hang on the outskirts, she rather desperately wants to be included, and noticed, even though she takes offense at the thought of answering to anyone.

  1. bigfishbiggersea said: faith is amazing. she’s my favourite character across all the whedonverse media, I think (although she is at her best in the comics angel & faith)
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